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 Yoga Classes

  Please visit my YouTube channel: Donna Negus Yoga for a Yoga practices and meditations.

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If you would like to teach yoga: BWY Teacher training course starting 2024

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Attention and care are embedded in practice.

Bringing attention to the way we 'are' rather than the way we would like to be ensures we practice in a way that is beneficial to our health. Embedded in this idea is an awareness of our breath, our body, physical sensation and inner feelings.  

And I said to my body softly,

"I want to be your friend."

It took a long breath.

And replied, " I have been waiting my whole life for this."

To be sensitive is to be alive.

  Vanda Scaravelli



22-24 August 2025



Florence House, Southdown road, Seaford, Sussex, BN25 4JS

Arrive Friday afternoon for a weekend of yoga and relaxation. Sea views and a lovely walk by the sea Saturday afternoon, or swim!

All meals and yoga included. single room accommodation (shared bathrooms) £430

book now!

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