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Teaching Diploma Course

Teacher training programme introductory day 6th April then starting May 2024 in Romford Essex.


Personal tuition from an experienced yoga teacher in an intimate setting conducive to practice and discussion. This level 4 Diploma course is Ofqual regulated and verified through the BWY, the governing body of yoga for England. 

I have built a teaching career in yoga  through dedication and commitment to the understanding that Yoga allows us to increase our sense of wellbeing and realise that we have no need to chase after what we think we should be, or want we think we want but can rest in awareness of who we are.

This knowledge will be explored within the course in an accessible way related to the lives we lead today.

This 3 year Diploma course will give you time to weave Philosophical texts and traditional teaching with asana, anatomy, breathing and meditation techniques. Your practice will grow and your confidence in teaching will be  encouraged in every way you need.

On completion of this course you will receive a Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga.  This Diploma course is comprehensive and will give you confidence to translate your yoga practice to teaching.  This course is unique in that it is Ofqual regulated and verified by the BWYQ*.

We will meet most months from May 2024 to October 2026 (course dates below) to ensure the required 255 hours of teaching are met and during this time you will be supported, guided and encouraged to develop the skills required to teach yoga. This will enable you to start teaching as soon as you are ready and you will be guided and supported to start your class.


You will learn the appropriate anatomy and physiology required to teach and practice posture and breath work and be given free access to an online course (Dr Yogi) that is usually sold for £500.  This course will prove invaluable to your learning and underpin assignments that require knowledge in this area.  


You will become familiar with breathing techniques and how they aid our wellbeing.  Your yogic journey will take you understanding the integral history of yoga and the wonderful teachings that the early yogic texts have given us.  In this way, your learning will be enriched and the progression to meditative awareness will be paved. All this will aid you in becoming a confident and informed yoga teacher.


Underpinning this course will be the knowledge that your personal practice and reflection is key to your being an effective yoga teacher and this will be encouraged through- out the course. Achieving this BWY qualification at level 4 will enable you to go on to become a BWY Foundation course tutor and allow you continue your yoga journey from a comprehensive knowledge base. I look forward to your application.

*The BWY is recognised as the National Governing Body of yoga in England.

Year 1 2024
Year 2 2025
Year 3 2026
Introductory day 6/4/24
Day 8 11/1/25
Day 21 10/1/26
Induction day 11/5/24
Day 9 1/2/25
Day 22 7/2/26
Day 1 8/6/24
Day 10 22/2/25
Day 23 14/3/26
Day 2 13/7/24
Day 11 15/3/25
Day 24 4/4/26
Day 3 3/8/24
Day 12 5/4/25
Day 25 2/5/26
Day 4 7/9/24
Day 13 3/5/25
Day 26 6/6/26
Day 5 5/10/24
Day 14 7/6/25
Day 27 4/7/26
Day 6 9/11/24
Day 15 5/7/25
Day 28 25/7/26
Day 7 7/12/ 24
Day 16 26/7/25
Day 29 29/8/26
No meeting in August
Day 30 19/9/26
Day 17 6/9/25
Day 31 10/10/26
Day 18 11/10/25
Day 19 1/11/25
Day 20 6/12/25

About the Tutor: Donna Negus

I have been practicing yoga for over 35 years and teaching since 2004 in the Romford, Essex area.  I also run retreats and workshops.  I am a BWY Foundation course tutor and also trained and teach Mindfulness.

My yoga practice and teaching is profoundly influenced by the insights Vanda Scaravelli gave us.  I was taught ( one to one) with Sophy Hoare (one of Vanda’s students) for 15 years and now regularly visit Diane Long in Italy (student of Vanda for 23 years).  This way of practicing brings us into contact with our body as it is.  Our awareness and attention are key and underlying this is the deep-seated knowledge that our body responds to care and not force.

My yoga journey has also brought me into contact with Peter Blackaby and I have completed several courses he has run including Humanist and Grounded yoga.  I also attend workshops with Angela Farmer and Sandra Sabatini.

My meditative influences are derived from the concepts of mindfulness and I have completed several courses with MindfulnessUK and am a registered teacher.

Yoga has been a constant influence in my life and I believe wholeheartedly in the power it can bring us and the wellbeing that can be felt.  I look forward to you joining me on the journey.

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